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Are you getting married, or do you know someone who is? Congratulations! We understand how special this day is and how important it is to memorialize it in a beautiful wedding video.


We offer packages with 10 hours (Standard),

5 hours (Basic), or 2 hours (Ceremony) of coverage.


Each 10-hour or 5-hour package includes a highlight video that summarizes the day, a trailer video that highlights the most important parts of the day in a shortened version, and edited versions of the full ceremony and reception events (within the number of hours booked). Optional add-ons, including more hours, are available.


We start with one videographer, one mobile camera, and one static camera, but additional videographers/cameras can be added for additional fees.

Please take a look at our pricing sheet, or contact us

with any questions!

Wedding Videography

Pricing Sheet

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wedding video sample!

Other Events


Have an event coming up? Sometimes it's not enough to just have the event. Sometimes you want to share what happened with those who weren't in attendance. If you're planning a conference, sporting event, or any other type of event, public or private, let us capture it for you to share later. Contact us today to talk about options for sharing your special event!


Social Media


Do you have social media accounts - personal or business? Videos serve as dynamic content on social media, engaging audiences and helping to build your brand. Whether you're looking for a video that tells your company's story, showcases your hilarious pets, or anything in between, we can help you make your mark on social media. Contact us today, and let's develop social media videos that are tailored to your personal or business identity!


Real Estate Marketing


Are you selling real estate, either as a realtor or as a for-sale-by-owner? Pictures are great, but sometimes potential buyers need a virtual tour that better shows the layout. That's where videos come in to help. Whether you are looking for videos for social media or specific realty sites, we can film and/or edit a video that showcases the for-sale property at its best. We can also supply branded and/or unbranded videos for MLS compliance. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities!




Looking for new ways to attract clients? Potential customers often care what others have to say about their experiences with your company. Not only are reviews crucial, but video testimonials are one more tool to help your business stand out. We can film and edit past customers talking about their experiences and create a video that you can post on your website and/or share directly with others. Reach out today!


Corporate Stories


Do you own or run a business? Video can help in numerous ways. This could be educating the public about products or services your business offers. It could also be an internal video for employees to learn more about your company's procedures and expectations. Whatever form your video takes, we can help. Reach out today, and let's get started telling your corporate story!


Something Else?


Do you have an idea for a video that doesn't quite fit into any of the above categories? That's okay! Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we can discuss your idea!


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